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Take Action With the 2 Wheel Action Group

September 17, 2020

Take Action With the 2 Wheel Action Group

The 2 Wheel Action Group (TWAG) is a consortium of motorcycle, scooter and two-wheeled electric vehicle rider groups, retailers, importers and industry representatives. TWAG strives to change the way powered two-wheeled transportation is viewed within Australia, but why exactly is a change needed?

The Queensland government’s  web-page outlining registration costs within Queensland states that the total cost of registering a vehicle includes; registration cost, traffic-improvement fee, and Compulsory Third-Party insurance (CTP).

Registration prices vary based on how many cylinders are present in the vehicle, however CTP and traffic-improvement fees remain largely unchanged between vehicle type. The CTP scheme exists to provide motor vehicle owners with an  insurance policy that covers their liability for personal injury.

When we consider the breakdown of registration costs, it raises a few questions. Why is motorcycle CTP insurance  just over 90% of the cost of motor car CTP when  motorbike accidents only account for around 5.7% of road fatalities?

Why are motorcyclists being charged more for traffic-improvement fees when their vehicles weigh much less than cars, have less impact on roads and attribute to less noise and air pollution?

With current global situations changing and cultures shifting dramatically, it’s time to change road and motor culture within Australia. With the current recession looming over our heads, TWAG is  petitioning governments to reduce the cost of operating powered two-wheelers in Australia by;

  • Lowering costs of 2 Wheel registration and CTP ($50-50cc, $100-LAMS, $200-Open).
  • Standardising registration and CTP Australia-wide.
  • Allowing LA category vehicles to be ridden on a car licence Australia-wide.
  • Incentivising commuters to purchase electric powered 2-wheel transport through green fund rebates (as per current solar rebates) and NO stamp duty charges.
  • Delivering national exemptions from motorway, bridge and tunnel toll charges.
  • Allowing parking to be free, including on the footpath (as long as public thoroughfares and walkways are not compromised or impaired).

It is now more important than ever to work towards lowering the costs of operating these vehicles to encourage their use and lessen the impact and congestion on our roads, reduce parking congestion and overall commuting time, reduce the impact on the environment, and allow you to practice social distancing more effectively.

TWAG is looking to incentivise the use of these vehicles in order to see reduce impact on our roads, our environment and so that we can see some real benefits to our community.

1987 Motorcycle world champion and campaign ambassador, Wayne Gardner has weighed in on this cause; “To get our economy moving, we need to get our people moving. Let’s keep the costs of powered 2-wheel transport as low as the impact they have on our roads, our infrastructure and out environment”.

Mr. Gardner has joined the cause by signing the petition to put pressure on our government to make our roads and lives a better place, and we at TeamMoto stand behind TWAG in this endeavor.

Whether you are a bike enthusiast, delivery driver who relies on these vehicles, or simply prefer commuting on two wheels rather than four, it’s safe to say that there is a need for powered two-wheelers, and that they are here to stay. Every cent saved counts in these trying times. Sign the petition yourself and help change Australian roads for the better.

Sign the petition here!

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