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BMW's Retro Roaster R NineT

June 23, 2021

Embodying over 90 years of design and European innovation, BMW’s new R NineT blends the iconic boxer engine with a modern take on German retro styling. The end result is a high performing, agile handling and aesthetically stunning motorcycle, ready to turn some heads on the street. 

A part of the Heritage Family in BMWs Motorrad’s line up, the centerpiece of the bike is of course the iconic air/oil-cooled, 1170cc boxer engine. Delivering instant grunt throughout the rev range, riders will not be disappointed with 109 hp at 7,250 rpm, and max torque of 116 Nm at 6,000 rpm. With this much torque in the mid-section of the rev range, the front wheel does love seeing the sky, so be warned!

In true BMW form, the build quality of the bike is premium, with high-quality materials and careful workmanship in the smallest details. From the analogue speed and rpm display, to the single unit mudguard, all the elements of the bike beautifully integrate to complement each other.  

"High-quality materials, hand-made characters. The R nineT is the first choice of many fans of customization." Dominic Thönnes, Product Management

One of the most appealing factors about the R NineT is the ability to extensively customise the bike. This is something BMW encourages, claiming... "Thanks to its modular design, the R NineT is perfect for expressing your individuality. With the Option 719 Classic billet pack made of pure aluminium, you can create stylistic accents on your bike. And with the intricately produced Option 719 bi-colour Sport cast wheels, you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression." 

With customised motorcycles so prevalent in the industry, it's great seeing these manufactures embrace the culture. With countless individualisation options, there is no limit when it comes to self - expression, allowing you to make the BMW R NineT your own. 

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