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California Superbike School Makes Metzeler Its Only Choice!

May 5, 2017

Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres x Calafornia Superbike School

California Superbike School are pleased to announce that we have a new Major Partner with Metzeler Tires. The California Superbike School brand represents quality and professionalism in the motorcycle industry, and we are thrilled to be involved with Metzeler and their Australian distributer Cassons, who both share the same high values.

Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres x Calafornia Superbike School

Coaching demands a great deal from a tire. The ability to offer grip in different temperatures and track conditions, complete multiple heat cycles, provide high levels of front-end edge grip and rear-end traction, along with consistent feel & predictability. Tire life is also critical, so how the tires wear is important. 

In March we completed the first school events with our BMW S1000RR’s running the new Metzeler Racetec RR tire. The response from the coaches was unified in their praise for this new tire, with it exceeding expectations from the start of the coaching day cold (we don’t run tire warmers) through to the heat of the afternoon when student pace starts to quicken and the tires get a full test under load.

Two coaches were also assigned to put the tires through their paces over the duration of the 2 day school, with the intention of seeing how much punishment these tires could take. After two days of punishment the front tire still had plenty of life left in it, the front-end grip and feel was still fantastic. After two days of 200hp being delivered to the rear tires they were down to the wear indicators but still performing well.

Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres - Calafornia Superbike School

From new the rear tire offered fantastic grip and drive, and as the tire got down to the wear indicators there was more spinning and sliding which is to be expected, but they did so in such a predictable and manageable manner that it meant the test coaches had a lot of track fun! It must be noted that these tires were punished by the coaches far exceeding the usual school day activity, so we are very pleased with the testing from both a handling and a durability perspective.

The Metzeler Racetec RR is now the tire of choice for California Superbike School. To say we are well pleased with the new alliance is an understatement, so many thanks to Metzeler and Cassons for coming on board as a Major partner with California Superbike School!

Need new tires for your bike? Check out the Metzeler range, you will be glad you did.

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