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Easiest Way To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain!

September 28, 2021

Motorcycle chains have a hard life, constantly being exposed to elements like oil, grime and debris. Correctly being able to clean and lubricate your motorcycle chain is a crucial part of bike maintenance. Not only will your chain be shining like new again, but correct maintenance of your chain will extend the life and performance of the parts. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide into the easiest way to clean and lubricate your motorcycle chain. 

Needed Equipment For Cleaning Your Chain

  • Chain Cleaner (Silkolene Brake and Chain Cleaner 500ml Aerosol)
  • Chain Lubricate (Silkolene Chain Lube Aerosol 500ml)
  • Xtech Grunge Brush
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Paddock Stand (Optional)

Step 1: Find a workspace! If you have a Paddock Stand for your motorcycle, definitely put it to good use. For years, I was cleaning my chain without one of these handy stands and now I have one, many jobs have become a breeze. No need to stress if you don’t have one for yourself, there’s just a little more manoeuvring of the bike for you. 

Step 2: While you are getting especially close with your chain and sprocket, inspect the wear and condition. 

Does your chain need adjusting? Are you seeing signs of wear on the chain (rust)? How are the sprockets holding up (Sharp Teeth)? These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself. On the chain, check out the Master Link. This is where the two ends of the chain join to meet. Reference the image below to see what you need to be looking out for. Ensure that this master link is secure, as you won’t be having a fun time if it snaps mid-ride.

Second, to the master link, inspect the sprocket. What you need to be looking out for here is signs of any sharp teeth. If the teeth are sharp, the sprocket is worn. Check out the image below to see what a healthy chain and sprocket should look like!

Step 3: Time to clean that chain! Spray a generous amount of Chain Cleaner onto your chain, trying to avoid any overspray onto your footpegs and tyres. We recommend using Silkolene Brake and Chain Cleaner 500ml Aerosol. This product is perfect for removing unwanted deposits from chain and brake components - leaving no oily film whilst maintaining chain and brake performance. Always love a two in one product! Allow the Chain Cleaner to sit on the chain for a few minute s, giving it time to agitate the grime. 

Step 4: Using the innovative Grunge Brush (honestly such a great little tool) and some elbow grease, work your way over the chain, scrubbing and respraying where need be. This is where the bike stand comes in handy, as you can simply spin the wheel and rotate the chain on where you are working. If you don’t have a stand, just keep moving the bike forward/ back to position the chain to where you need to clean it. 

Step 5: After scrubbing down the entire chain, with your Cleaner Spray and Grunge Brush, use a clean soapy rag and wipe down the chain and sprocket, removing all the loosened grime. 

Step 6: Your chain should be back to looking pretty spotless at this stage. After the chain is completely dry, lubricate the chain using Silkolene Chain Lube Aerosol. Once again, make sure you avoid any overspray onto the wheels/ footpegs, or you'll slip and slide all over the road. 

It’s that easy and quick. This shouldn’t take you any longer than 20 minutes to complete and is a maintenance job every bike owner must learn!

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