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EC350F - Proven Technology

March 17, 2021

The grown up, 4-stroke engine of GASGAS’s EC 350F is a fun-loving and performance focused power plant. Supplying riders will be a strong, torquey power delivery, the EC350F handles like a dream, due to its lightweight chassis and rear suspension linkage.

The bodywork of the EC 350F is built to look good and perform to the highest level, ensuring a complete sense of harmony is present between rider and bike. Ergonomics are all about point of contact with the bike, and the designers behind the EC 350F sure did know what they were doing, as the bike allows both maximum freedom and control at all times.

Braking is smooth and crisp, providing superior stopping power when needed. The front brake features an 11mm piston within the master cylinder and 2x25mm pistons in the caliper, together with a waved 260mm front disc. The rear brake has a 12.7mm master cylinder piston and a 1x25mm piston caliper and uses a 220mm rear brake disc. 

The EC350F uses an advanced Engine Management System (EMS) that controls the electronic fuel injection system as well as featuring a gear sensor that tailors power delivery for each gear. This system is beautifully refined and is responsible for running GASGAS’s high-performing enduro bikes. 

Fitted with a 6-speed forged transmission from Pankl Racing, riders will be pleased to know the EC350F features a high quality, durable and reliable transmission, built and tested to endure the roughest conditions and terrain.