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From Slide to Slide.

September 27, 2018


Slide Night is a social gathering hosted by The Jerkyls (jerks who ride in circles) to wet peoples appetites for flat track. It's a good place to cheerfully meet your track nemesis and whisper in their ear how much dirt they’ll eat in your wake! The Jerkyls never fail to showcase the most glorious of two-wheelers to glance at and this year, a sample of Geoff Watson’s personal collection was amongst the smack talk and crisp Young Henry tinnies.

Sunday Slide on the other hand follows this event for those who appreciate dirt and the idea of flicking it sideways around a bend or two. With last minute motorcycle prep complete, all came together and gathered around Andy Baker to hear the briefing of who’s who and whats what in the hours to come.

Dirt trackers mingled with the novices in the pits, but on the track they were let out of the gate is separate packs. With more than your average laps on the menu, the hardened sliders and ripening novices all paid their worships in smiles to the day that is Sunday Slide.

A massive thanks goes out to those who support the sport of dirt track and for those who are grinning ear to ear, giving it a go for the first time, to Gas Imports for backing dirt track and the sliders with a few new Michelin X-11 Trials tyres and the Thor Hallman Jerseys and Gloves to keep the slides crisp and the sliders crispy, to MCA for continually, year after year, supporting The Jerkyls with prizes to give away for the famous DRIP TRAY RAFFLE, to our friends Sean from Yamaha Australia and Simon from Ducati for getting in on the action and finally to Andy ‘Randy Faker’ Baker for making events like this happen, for no glory but only the joy of seeing more people on dirt.

Onwards and sideways to Nepean Raceway for the next Sunday Slide instalment!