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Group Ride Safety Tips - Planning

July 28, 2021

There’s no denying that riding in a group is an absolute blast. The feeling you get when you look around to see your closest riding companions sharing the same road is simply exhilarating. As much as we love group rides, bikers must be aware and educated on correct safety guidelines, to help minimise risk to you and others on the ride. Follow this 3 part series, providing crucial Group Ride safety tips to help your group be safe, controlled and knowledgeable on the road. 

Set A Meeting Spot:

Doesn’t matter if your riding group consists of 3 or 50 bikes, designate a Meeting Spot for all members to meet and plan for the ride ahead. At these meeting spots, it's a great opportunity to conduct a quick safety check on your bike, meet new riders and of course, catch up with mates. It's important to discuss with the whole group where the end destination of the ride will be, and any stops that will be taken along the way. This is rather important information, as riders that do get separated from the group, will have a good chance to find their way back if they are aware of set locations.

Riding Leader & Tail Rider:

Arguably one of the most important roles in the group ride, would be that of the Riding Leader. This should be a rider with a good amount of experience on a bike, knows the members of the group well and knows the riding route thoroughly. Guiding the other riders, the riding leader sets the intended riding speed, factoring in rider safety as their prime focus. They should know how to respond to drivers on the road and be prepared to guide the group safely through any situation they come across on their journey. Second to the riding leader is the Tail Rider. The tail rider, or the last rider in the group, also needs to be an experienced rider and know the riding route well. The tail rider helps members of the group catch up, if separated by traffic conditions and helps coordinate the group with the leading rider. 

First AID Supplies:

Safety on the road should always be a number one priority, so prepare for the worst. Having a first-aid kit along for every ride is essential, especially for those longer journeys. Sounds like a no brainer, yet best to make sure that the rider carrying the first-aid kit is correctly trained and able to use the equipment effectively. Knowing how to treat basic injuries like road rash or flesh wounds is incredibly beneficial.

Next time you plan a group ride, follow these Pre-Group Ride safety tips to ensure your safety and others on the road. Stay tuned for more safety tips and recommendations, like what to do when a rider goes down and how to ride in the correct formation in a group.

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