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How To Pick Up A Dropped Motorcycle Correctly

May 18, 2021

We never plan on dropping our motorcycle, yet it does happen. To make sure you are prepared in this situation, here’s a quick guide on how to correctly pick up a dropped motorcycle. 

It’s important to mention that understandably, not every rider can physically or will feel comfortable picking up their bike by themselves. It is highly recommended to wait in a safe place until extra help arrives. 

Step 1: Immediately after the bike has been dropped, access yourself and your surroundings. Personal safety is always at the highest priority, so make sure you are unharmed and in a safe spot to pick up the bike. 

Step 2: After assessing yourself and feel capable of picking up the bike, make sure the engine is turned off and the bike is in first gear. This is important, as when you are picking up the bike, the last thing you want is the bike to start rolling away from you and toppling over again. You may find also that fuel will start to leak from your tank if your gas cap isn’t secured properly. Don’t fear, calmly twist the cap into a more secure position, which should resolve the issue. 

(If the bike has fallen to the right, make sure the kickstand is down, so that when you lift the bike back up, it’ll be resting back on the kickstand. If the bike has fallen over to the left, no worries...keep reading.)

Step 3: Ensure your footing is firm and stable. This is especially imperative on gravel and loose terrain. Dig your heels into the ground if the surface is unstable. 

Step 4: Mirror the image below, positioning yourself inline with the seat. Face away from the bike and find a grip that is firm and not hot! Usually the back fender and the end of your handlebars are the most desirable points of contacts. 


Step 5: Remember when picking up the bike to lift with your legs. When lifting hunched over and with your back, damage can occur. Position yourself with a straight back, strong grip and head held high. Begin lifting with your legs and walk the bike to an upright position. 

Step 6: Turn the handlebars straight and lower the kick stand. 

Follow this simple and safe guide, and you’ll have no issues with the hurtle of picking up your motorbike.

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