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Key Benefits From Riding A Motorcycle | Riding Advice

by Tristan Goodfellow | August 25, 2021

When talking to people that don’t ride motorcycles, I often found myself struggling to fully justify or grasp all the advantages of riding a bike. This got me thinking… What are some of the most noteworthy benefits of riding a motorcycle? 

As you’d expect, there are literally dozens, if not hundreds. I’ve chosen a personal few that I’ve found to be incredibly enriching and has resonated strongest, so far, throughout my riding journey.

All About That Freedom

Riders commonly use “Freedom” when describing what motorcycling represents. You, the machine and an open road… it's the most fun you’ll ever have (with your clothes on). It may sound bizarre and questionably dramatic, yet after saddling a motorcycle for the first time, your perspective of the road and life itself shifts. Describing this feeling is challenging, as it's a combination of liberation, adrenaline and uncertainty. Author of Easy Motorcycle Riding (1970), Theresa Wallach, said “Riding is an art as well as a craft and no amount of explanation can take the place of experience.” This is so well put, I couldn’t phrase it better myself.

Riding Benefits Your Health

Believe it or not, but studies have shown that there are health benefits for riding motorcycles. How is this possible you ask? Well, a recent study has found that motorcycling increases brain activity. It makes sense, as riders have a much greater brain activity than car drivers (That “6th Sense” some would put it). Riders are required to make far more decisions, and at a faster rate, which constantly improves long term cognition in the brain. Mental health also sees a nice increase and helps battle off mental issues such as depression. It’s pretty plain and simple, riding makes you happy and boosts endorphins. Like the infamous saying goes... “You don’t see many bikes parked outside a psychiatrist's office do you?”

Making New Friends

The universal ‘Nod” of appreciation when riding past a fellow rider. It never gets old does it! Hardly matters if you're on a cruiser, supersport or an adventure bike, riders for the most part always seem to respect fellow riders. The friendships that can be formed through motorcycling can be life-changing. With so many clubs and social bike meets, the chances of you becoming friends with another rider are at an all-time high. Sharing techniques, future riding adventures and bonding over motorcycling experiences is something “non-riders” will never understand.

Commuting is More Fun!

You’ll never hate commuting again! Before owning a bike, the worst part of my day was commuting to and from work, often suffocating in harsh urban traffic. My attitude towards commuting has completely flipped, now I’m throwing my leg over a bike. Commuting has become a highlight of the day. It's a perfect outlet to de-stress and clear your mind. With such an agile vehicle, say goodbye to dense traffic. Most bikes make quick work of rush hour travel times, resulting in dramatically decreasing your accustomed commute time. Even when riding conditions are less than ideal, the different weather conditions bring along more challenges and experiences. I might be alone with this one… nonetheless it's all a lot of fun!

These benefits are only scratching the surfaces on what makes motorcycling so appealing. Come in-store and test ride your dream bike today!

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