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New Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer

April 15, 2021

Evolving from the Continental GT 535, the new Continental GT 650 is Royal Enfield's latest iteration of their British café racer. Originally released in the 1960s as a 250cc engine, the Continental GT models have seen a dramatic performance ungraded, yet still maintains the timeless aesthetic of its predecessors.  

The development team for the GT 650 have accumulated years of performance knowledge, resulting in a riding experience like none other on a sports inspired cafe racer. Key mechanics such as the steering rake, ground clearance and lean angle of the bike was heavily tested, aiming to offer riders an incredibly flickable and agile handling experience. The team has successfully done just this, allowing riders a quick, responsive and balanced bike. 

Available in these “Brightly Named” colours:

  • Black Magic
  • Venture Blue
  • Ice Queen
  • Dr Mayhem
  • Mister Clean

Powering the sports cafe racer is the legendary parallel twin cylinder engine, which is also featured is Royal Enfields Interceptor motorcycle. Light weight, elegant and blending in with the classic aesthetic of the GT 650, Royal Enfield have done a tremendous job designing the powerplant. 

The chassis is strong and balanced, yet also presents the GT 650 with some great aesthetics. It blends very nicely with the fairings and tank of the bike, resulting in an added enhancement and numbness of the ride. 

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