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On sale! MT KRE Lookout and MT Stinger

by Mar Gómez García | September 18, 2020

On sale! MT KRE Lookout and MT Stinger

MT Helmets is the Spain’s largest helmet manufacturer, well-known around Europe for their wide range of affordable helmets. But lower price doesn’t always mean lower performance or quality, at least in terms of safety.

If you’re looking for a helmet that doesn’t break the bank but still provides ECE and DOT compliance with a cool and sleek aerodynamic look, MT provides two good entry-level options in this range: MT KRE Lookout and MT Stinger.

Both, Stinger and KRE Lookout include all the stuff that modern riders want from their helmet: Quick-release and anti-scratch Pinlock®-ready visor, detachable breath guard, removable washable liner with antibacterial properties and double D-ring locking system.

MT KRE Lookout (now $179 while stocks last)

The best thing about the MT KRE Lookout is its build quality and fitting. The lining is made of flame-retardant multi-density material, ensuring optimum safety and holding the cheekbones in quite snug position, as it should be in a helmet.

The tri-composite shell provides adequate protection for standard usage, like commuting or weekend rides, and comes in three different sizes.

MT Stinger (now $99.95 while stocks last)

The Stinger has a fairly aerodynamic shape and ventilation system which helps keep the noise inside your helmet quiet, even with the vents open. The chin curtain also helps to reduce noise and its weight (1450 ± 50 g) helps with comfort, cutting fatigue in long rides.

The Stinger comes with a bonus blue-mirrored visor.

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