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Product Review: Arai RX-7V 2020 Isle Of Man TT Series Limited Edition

March 17, 2021

Regarded as the most infamous motorsport race in the world, The Isle of Man TT is a ‘must-see’ event, held annually. Carved from the island's public roads, the world’s greatest road racers gather to test themselves against the unique course, that stretches over 37.73 miles. 

Arai and the Isle of Man TT have had a long-standing partnership, and with it, a limited edition IoM TT helmet was introduced. First released in 2007, commemorating 100 years of TT racing, Arai has continued releasing models annually, corresponding to the event itself. 

With 2020 falling victim to a global pandemic, the event was regrettably canceled due to public safety concerns. Ingmar Stroeven, Managing Director at Arai Helmet announced “For all of us at Arai the TT is such a special event and one we engage with completely, in terms of riders and fans alike. And it is for this reason we have decided to go ahead with this year’s Isle of Man TT Limited Edition RX-7V – which we feel is absolutely stunning – and do our part to keep the irrepressible feeling of the TT alive.” 

The Arai RX-7V Isle of Man TT 2020 Special Edition is the latest and most innovative racing helmet Arai has released. Partnered with breathtaking TT- specific graphics, the arrangement and use of red, black, and gold colours, aesthetically compliment the shape of the RX-7V. Fan’s will recognise the familiar details, such as the triskelion, Ellan Vannin (in Celtic-style lowercase script), and the legendary winner’s trophy running along the back. Elegant, classic, and memorable, Arai has outdone themselves for 2020. 

So what’s new for the 2020 RX-7V design? impressive amount! The RX-7V portrays the peak of Arai’s knowledge and experience of helmet technology. With safety at the forefront, a redesigned PB-SNC2 outer shell has received a 5-star safety rating, Snell Approved and ECE22-05 Certified. Ventilation has seen a massive improvement, with the added top duct allowing 11% more airflow. Air channels in the eye-port and chin cover allow for an increase of airflow circulation, which can all be closed off, via glove-friendly venting covers. A revolutionary shield system is a welcomed addition, allowing the shield to travel in an arc. This doesn’t only improve helmet protection, due to the lower, more compact visor mechanism, yet the intuitive design allows for hassle-free shield changes. With so many other performance, comfort, and safety features, the new RX-7V for 2020 has set a new benchmark in the premium helmet class.

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