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Product Review - Quad Lock®

April 15, 2021

Developed in Australia, the Quad Lock mounting system is an innovative and unique solution to securely mount your smartphone to your bike, motorbike and car. Brought to life through crowdfunding, and social media, the Quad Lock peaked mass interest and now ships globally.

With so much success, Quad Lock has secured themselves as the go-to brand for phone mounts. Functional, affordable and tasteful, Quad Lock has provided convenience to countless customers with a quality product. Taking the biking community by storm, avoiding the appraisal Quad Lock receives is near to impossible.



What is needed for the set up? The Quad Lock Mount and Quad Lock Phone Case are separate purchases, so be aware of what you're buying and purchase the correct phone case to fit your particular phone. Quad Lock offers cases for the Iphone, Galaxy, Pixel and Huawei devices, and also offers a universal fit for customers with another brand. 

Phone cases can be a very personal purchase, yet customers can be reassured that the phone cases Quad Lock provides are up there with some of the most functionally protective cases to date. With a solid and hardened material, the case is surprisingly lighter than what was anticipated. The phone feels secure and solid in the hands, thanks to the grippy material.



The versatility of the mounts are incredible. You can fix them in a range of different positions on your motorbike. Quad Lock offers three mounting options, Handlebar Mount, Mirror Mount and Fork Stem Mount. Be mindful that these mounting options are purchased separately, so do some homework as to what setup will work best for your particular model of bike. 

Installation is quick and tidy!  Firstly, pick the mounting area. The most common area will be handlebars. Using an Allen key and two bolts, secure the mounting clamp in place and slap on the top bar mount piece. Lastly, installing the locking mechanism on the mount. This is once again done using the Allen key. The process is dead easy and shouldn’t take you more than 10min. Mind you, half the time will be spent fidgeting with the perfect angle and height for your phone. Coming with all the mounts is an instruction booklet, illustration of a step-by-step process of the installation process, if customers are still unsure. 



Once set up, the mount is simplistic to use. A twist motion will lock your phone in place and the press of the blue tab will release it. Admittedly, it does take a few goes to smoothly get used to the twist motion, but had no troubles after the first couple rides. 

Safe to say, I have never experienced any flaws in the security of the phone. Even on the highway, the mount kept perfectly still and experienced little vibrations. 

Overall, there is no wonder why Quad Lock has seen drastic growth! The product ticks all the right boxes and best of all… it’s a proud Australian brand. The success of the company is well deserved and continues to deliver a product that is adored by the biking community. Come in-store today and check out the Quad Lock for yourself! 

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