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Product Review - Silkolene Pro Prep

June 23, 2021

I admit, my addiction to bike maintenance is a little extreme for most. Impatiently waiting for the weekend to routinely detail and polish my bike has become second nature. For this, I’ve copped a lot of flack from my riding buddies, but hey, at least my ride shines the brightest of them all. 

This week, I discovered a multi-purpose, hard surface conditioner, called Silkolene Pro Prep. Designed for any and all road, adventure and dirt bikes, the silicone based spray allows for an easy and quick application. The product is a water, dirt and grime repellent that also leaves the protected plastics and paint, with a ‘factory finish’ shine. 


Application was simple and easy. Shake thoroughly, so that all the necessary fluids emulsify and spray directly onto the bike areas that you wish to protect. Avoid brake discs and foot pegs as the spray has a slight lubricate to it. I used a microfiber towel to help evenly apply the conditioner to the body work, and buffer the plastic fairings for maximum shine. The process, depending how detailed you want, should only take 5 -10 minutes. As soon as the product is applied, the shine is present. Claiming to provide ‘factory finish’ shine is a big call, but I’ll admit, the Yamaha MT-07 was looking as good as it was made. 




Final result? I reluctantly put my bike through a few trials to fully test out the claims of Pro Prep being a water, grime and dirt repellent. To my astonishment, the protective coating deterred all water moisture, resulting in the absence of any unwanted streak marks. It was rather remarkable watching the water instantly gravitate off the bike, as if it was on a freshly polished windscreen. Even when caught out in the rain, I was shocked at the lack of moisture presence the bike retained when examining it in the garage.

Dirt, muck and grime was the most timely test to conduct. I wanted to see how much it would accumulate over the course of an entire week of daily commuting. Often, large amounts of tar and grime build up are seen on rims and front/ rear fairing. I paid close attention to these hot spots for the trial. Apart from the smallest amount of loose dust on the rims, the rear/ front fairings were, to my disbelief, spotless. Keep in mind that this was also after being caught out in the rain, where grime and mud are most active. 

This product claims to be a lot, and has held its word. Priced at a low $21.95  AUD, Silkolene Pro Prep can be found at any of our MCAS online store. 

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