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Rjays Saddlebags Road Tested in the Himalayas

June 29, 2017

Rjays Saddlebags take a trip through the Himalayas in Northern India.

One of our customers, Alan, shares his experience using the Rjays Saddlebags on a road trip through the Himalayas. He says they were "bullet proof!" 

"A couple of years ago a mate and I spent a month riding around the Himalayas in Northern India, including riding over the highest motor-able road in the world (about 18000 ft)". 


"I have had an Rjays rear bag for 10 years, and love it, so I decided to get a couple or Rjays saddlebags for the trip." 

"The view and experience was fabulous, but roads were crap, and everything (including me) got pretty bashed around.  Coming off a few times also didn't help.  Apart from accident damage to the Rjays bags, they worked perfectly.  So well that I had a shoe maker in India repair them, and I still use them today."

"Big deal I hear you saying, well, my riding buddy said "I'm not risking it with cheap kit" and bought some other brand name bags (at about $300).  They fell to bits!  Every week we had to find a shoe repair man to stitch and patch them.  By the end of the trip I think we had doubled their weight in patches and repair.  Not happy.  Needless to say his bags did not return to Australia as great mementos!"

"So I would recommend your saddlebags to anyone who is looking for functional, tough and well priced bags".

Many thanks to Alan for sharing his experience with us and the added photos are a bonus!

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