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Scratch and Swirl Repair: Plastic Cleaner | Cleaning Guide

by Tristan Goodfellow | August 26, 2021

Here’s a quick and easy solution to remove any surface scratch and swirls on your motorcycle's plastic. All that is required is a bottle of Plexus Plastic Cleaner - Protectant & Polish, a bit of elbow grease, and a cold refreshment to keep you company.

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The key idea here is that patience and attention to detail will result in an overall better finish. Firstly it is recommended that the surface you’ll be working on is properly washed down, removing any dust and surface grime. This is rather important, as the last thing you want are deeper scratches.

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The most common areas that scratchers occur are usually on the top of saddlebags, ends of fairings and gas tanks. Inspect your motorcycle, identifying the affected areas, starting from front to back.

The only rule you need to remember is that all scratches that aren't penetrating the plastic too deeply can be removed, or at least less visible. 

Step 1: Taking a microfiber cloth and the Plexus Plastic Cleaner, spraying an even amount out over the surface you are working on. Applying progressive pressure, rub the application into the affected area. The Plastic cleaner will soften and level the scratched surface, as you are producing heat and friction. Rub in a circular motion, attacking the scratch at all angles. 

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Within seconds you will begin to see impressive results. After completely removing the scratch, it is recommended to add a protective layer to the plastic. Silkolene Pro Prep works best and gives the bike that factory shine again. 

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How easy was that? Remember to take your time and be diligent with plastic work. After all, it’s the first thing you and the others see of the bike.

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