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Super SOCO's TS - Cafe Electric Bike

March 17, 2021

Super SOCO embodies a bright future for electric mobility. Representing this idea is the Super SOCO TS-Cafe, now equipped with the latest and greatest technology Super SOCO has to offer. 

Developed in partnership with BOSCH, the wheel hub engine has a maximum power of 3000 watts. As this is a fully electric vehicle, forget about gearing, and feel the instant acceleration. With no oil refills/ changes needed, no excess exhaust gas and no noise pollution, electric mobility is clean and sure is innovative.

A large display in the cockpit shows riders all the necessary information, such as topical speed, remaining reach, driving mode, temperature and many others. Packaged in a retro design display, it's a perfect blend of classic meets modern, in a highly functional and seamless interface. 

So let's talk about performance. Now the Super SOCO TS - Cafe is designed for urban commuting and the specifications affirm this. With a top speed of 50km/h and a range of 75km, you won’t be travelling too far away or fast from the urban environment. What this bike does well is its ability to zip off the line fast and manoeuvre around dense traffic as if it was a bicycle. 

The Super SOCO TC can be equipped with up to two batteries simultaneously. What’s so great about the batteries is the fact that they can be removed from the bike, for a more convenient charging experience. With a full charge taking 6.5hrs to complete, recharging times are fairly standard. 

The LED lighting has an automatic adaption feature, that adjusts brightness according to the surrounding visibility. The modern back end features both the indicators and tail light that integrates seamlessly within the flow of the bodywork. The LED lights are a welcomed feature, helping provide extra safety and visibility on the roads.

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