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Suzuki's Sharp Looking KATANA

June 23, 2021

Inspired by the original Suzuki Katana back in 1981 (GSX1100S KATANA), Suzuki aims to capture the hearts of riders once again with the new and refined Katana - A Cut Above. Paying homage and embracing Japanese culture, Suzuki has blended a powerful engine with radical styling to reflect the spirit of the traditional Japanese sword of the Samurai. Hats off to Suzuki here, as these culturally appropriate influences are captivatingly beautiful. 

Producing 147.5hp  @10,000rpm and 108Nm of torque @9,500rpm, the new Katana has more than enough power for the streets. The long-stroke design of the engine (73.4mm bore and 59.0mm stroke) results in broad power delivery, throughout the entire rev range. Hearing the bike in real life is a unique experience in itself, as the 4‑2‑1 exhaust paired with the addictive induction noise of the engine, results in a distinctive exhaust roar. 


Receiving a modern full LCD brightness-adjustable instrument cluster, the Suzuki Katana allows owners access to a wide range of useful information in a compact, user-friendly, multi-function dash. In the daylight, the screen remains highly visible and portrays the most relevant information riders need, such as Speedometer, Tacho, and Riding Modes. 

Suzuki supplies the Katana with some pretty advanced technology. For example the 3-mode traction control system. This system can be set by the rider at any time and aims to deliver control over engine output that helps prevent rear-wheel spin. Each of these 3 modes is best suited to particular riding styles and conditions, offering Sport, Street, and Wet traction control options. 

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