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The Beauty Of 250cc 2-Strokes

January 21, 2021

Gas Gas EC250

Offering the best combination of usable power and lightweight agility, the 250cc 2 strokes has been the poster child for enduro riders.

Refined, and reassuringly uncomplicated, the EC 250 by Gas Gas, delivers a punchy 2-stroke motor with state of the art technology. Built to be pushed to its limits, the EC 250 looks and performs as a highly reliable, trail carving machine. 

Gas Gas EC250_1

With ergonomics that allow complete harmony between rider and bike, the modern, vibrant design resonates the Spanish brand. The frame, made out of a lightweight, laser-cut chromium-molybdenum steel, is designed to endure the harshest of terrains.

Featuring a 6-speed transmission, the EC 250 delivers incredible power performance and offers low maintenance due to the advanced electric fuel injection system. This further improves a smoother power delivery band and reduces emissions.

Gas Gas EC250_2

Gas Gas fit Bractec braking systems to all their enduro bikes, providing superior stopping power and allowing riders greater confidence and control of their vehicle. The front brake features an 11mm piston within the master cylinder and 2x25mm pistons in the calliper, together with a waved 260mm front disc.

The rear brake has a 12.7mm master cylinder piston and a 1x25mm piston calliper and uses a 220mm rear brake disc. Keeping weight to a minimum and offering complete confidence, Braktec brakes ensure serious stopping power!

Gas Gas 250_3

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