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The Perfect Bobber Canvas - Yamaha's Bolt R-Spec

May 18, 2021

Proudly showcasing the 942cc, air-cooled, V-twin engine, Yamaha’s Bolt R-Spec is a stunningly refined bobber-style motorcycle. Epitomizing “Urban Performance”, the compactly built chassis is slim and light, allowing for responsive and agile maneuverability. Even with such a lightweight chassis, stability isn’t sacrificed, and the bike feels incredibly balanced. Aligning with the bobber aesthetic and riding experience, the seat height sits only 27.2 inches from the pavement. For most riders, this will be a bike that could be flat footed with ease.  

What really makes this bike stand out, is the rider focused engine. To create a riding experience superior to all others in the segment, Yamaha has used advanced technologies to deliver a motor with class-leading performance, offering strong low-mid range torque. The result… anyone riding this being left with a smile on their face!

Customisation is a large part of the Bobber culture, and Yamaha has designed the Bolt R-Spec with the intent of customer personalisation. It's a perfect canvas to truly make it your own, with the only limit being your imagination. Simply put, the Bolt is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Looking more specifically at the hardware operating the bike, the Bolt R-Spec features non-adjustable piggyback reservoir shocks, Bridgestone Exedra G721 tyres and powerful 298mm front brakes and 298mm rear brakes. These components all work together to make the Bolt R-Spec a very comfortable and safe ride, as well as adding to the Bobber aesthetic. 

Speaking of… the timeless styling is seen throughout the bike, especially in the headlights, turn signals and speedometer. The “retro” styling is balanced out by the modern looking blacked out engine and alloy wheels, and gives it a great blend of contemporary meets classic.

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