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UK's #1 Selling Electric Scooter - Super SOCO CPx

by Tristan Goodfellow | July 28, 2021

Titled UK’s #1 selling electric scooter, the CPx has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the urban commuter. Having the highest power output in the Super SOCO range, Australia eagerly awaits the arrival of the new CPx electric scooter. Hosting the latest technology and features Super SOCO has to offer, the CPx includes an advanced battery management system, keyless ignition and full LED lighting. 

Something you don’t see too often, but the CPx has, is a reverse setting, allowing owners to reverse in and out of parking spots and driveways. It's a neat feature that many owners will take full advantage of! Along with this, for peace of mind, the CPx has an inbuilt alarm and wheel locking system to prevent any foul play by wannabe thieves. 

Super SOCO CPx Colour Available:

  • Sonic Silver
  • Phantom Black
  • Titanium Grey

The important question when it comes to electric vehicle transport is the range, power output and charge time. Check out the CPx Spec snapshot seen below. For what this scooter is designed to be, Super SOCO has done a great job achieving solid spec results.


Handling is well balanced by a 16” front and 14” rear wheel setup. Suspension comfortability absorbs any road disturbances and allows riders the confidence they need for urban commuting. The electric power output can be comparable to a 125cc engine scooter, yet will have more instantaneous torque. A true selling point of owning one of these electric vehicles is that the maintenance is at an all time low. Convenience at its best. 

Visit your local TeamMoto & MCAS Super SOCO dealership today. Locations provided below!


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