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Updated For 2021 | Yamaha WR450F

by Tristan Goodfellow | July 28, 2021

Mirroring elements from the YZ450F (Motocross Model), Yamaha’s 2021 WR450F combines incredible street performance, with an agile handling chassis and a compact new 450cc engine. 

According to MCNews, the Yamaha WR450F was Australia’s most popular Learner Approved motorcycle sold in 2020. Aiming to maintain this position, Yamaha has spared no expense in making the 2021 model, the most advanced and modernised WR450F to date. Here’s what's new for Yamaha’s 2021 WR450F!

Frame: Extracting the Controlled Filling technology seen in the YZ450F motocross bikes, the WR450F features a new aluminium bilateral beam frame, modified for an Enduro focused purpose. Essentially this allows the WR450F to be lighter, easier to maneuver and have greater stability on and off roads. 

Suspension: Widely regarded as an industry leading suspension setup, the WR450F is equipped with fully adjustable coil spring twin chamber KYB forks. Catering for the Enduro functionality, the suspension has speed sensitive damping that allows for the perfect balance between comfortable handling and bump absorption.  

Let’s Talk Power! Redesigned for 2021, the 450cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, engine is compact and more powerful than ever. Basically taken straight out of the YZ450F model, this engine has been returned with Enduro settings written all over it. The amount of torque and acceleration this bike produces isl bound to fulfil any adrenaline hungry rider. A new intake/exhaust system and ECU run WRF specific settings to deliver the best balance of race-winning performance and ultimate controllability.

Tuning a bike has never been so easy. Back in 2019, the WR450F became the first enduro bike that could be tuned wirelessly using a smartphone. Continuing this innovation for the 2021 models, Yamaha’s WR450F leads the field in digital technology. Through a simple touch of a button, owners can change the fuel/ air mixture, ignition timing, access system diagnosis and more to set the bike up for particular riding conditions and styles. The kind of technology allows the bike to be incredibly adaptable, in a short period of time. 

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