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Fitting Collar Braces

While neck and spinal injuries may happen and it is something most riders are aware of, it seems to be occurring more often now then in the past. With the arrival of big jumps, stutters, whoops and other supercross style obstacles, not to mention the recent career-ending injuries of pro riders such as Jimmy Button, Ernesto Fonceca, Pit Bierer, Bronte Holland and others, it's no wonder more riders are looking into further means of protection.
These serious injuries aren't just happening because of Supercross alone, it is a combination of other factors. Off-road bikes are so much more powerful nowadays that we are able to ride at much higher speeds and jump further than ever. The downside is that when you do make a mistake, you are going twice the speed with a heap more momentum and the potential for injuries is greater.
Most riders are aware of the importance of wearing a helmet, goggles, boots, gloves etc, but don't give a second thought about neck injury and how devastating the outcome can be. The fact is your neck is one of the most exposed and unprotected areas, but now we all have the option to protect ourselves with some great new products. If you ride a dirtbike, whether it's SX, MX, Enduro, Trailriding or playriding, then you should seriously consider some form of neck protection.

The most common neck protection is the neck collar which is basically a foam ring worn under the base of the helmet.These collars can help prevent over-extension of the neck and also prevent collarbone injuries.We recommend you fix this to your armour so that the collar wont slip out of position in the event of a crash. EVS and Oneal both make excellent economical neck protectors. Protecting your neck need not cost you too many pennies.

Many mini clubs strongly advise that kids wear neck collars for the reasons already mentioned. Another reason is that it takes some weight off the little kids necks. Take a look at the motocross, freestyle and enduroscenes and you'll notice that most of the top riders are also wearing some form of neck protection.

The Leatt brace has become very popular amongst racers and by all reports has been preventing a lot of potentially serious injuries. This brace is designed to transfer the impact from the neck onto the shoulders and also stop hyper-extension of the neck.The Leatt is adjustable and available in kids or adults sizes. They are superior in comfort and movement to neck collars but are also more expensive.

Note: It has come to our attention that some customers have been misled into thinking the Leatt will only fit with Thor Sentinel Armour. While we do stock the Sentinel armour, there are many other brands that fit just as well.

If you intend on purchasing any neck type protector, we recommend that you bring your helmet and armour in store if possible (to make sure everything fits correctly). For some of our customers, we understand it is not convenient or possible to visit one of our stores, so we urge you to call us on (02) 9648 1400 to gain some advice prior to your online purchase.