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The Arai Story from Arai Helmets Europe B.V

MCA stocks a full range of Arai Helmets  and Visors. Our range of Arai Helmets  are available online Australia-wide with free shipping, or from one of our Sydney or Melbourne locations. Our range of Arai Helmets  includes the latest models such as RX-7V , QV-Pro , Defiant , CT-Z  and Freeway . We also stock Vector 2 , RXQ  and XD-4  models which are currently on sale and heavily reduced.

More about Arai Helmets

Every Arai helmet is 100% handmade. Arai don't build helmets to meet any safety standards; they build them to exceed the standards. The foundation principles of protection formulated over three generations have never been forgotten in six decades of helmet design and manufacturing.

Arai is a small, family company, driven by the same family with the same mission, through three generations - three generations of riders.

"We see riders wearing our helmets, and we hope they know we made their helmets to the best of our ability, to protect and make them feel comfortable no matter how far or how long they ride. We build your helmet by hand. We each have a specific job, yet all of us know every step that goes in to building it. That is how we learn there are no minor parts to an Arai helmet, and there are not minor jobs here. We build each Arai helmet as if we're creating it for one of our own, a brother, a father, a husband, a sister. That is what makes every one of us Arai".

At Arai, safety standards like Snell or DOT are the baseline, not their goal. Standards create minimum criteria, but, while many helmet makes design their helmets to meet those minimums, "good enough" has never been good enough at Arai. Their standards are made for the real world, the world of distracted drivers, unpredictable situations, sharp angles - things that don't move when you hit them. A world you can't duplicate in a controlled, predictable testing laboratory environment.

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