IXON is a brand of motorcycling equipment created by and for motorcyclists. The company was founded in 1996 in France by Thierry Maniguet, a big fan of motorcycling. Today it is an international brand distributed in over 70 countries. But it has stayed close to its roots. Thierry Maniguet is still at the head of IXON, and our headquarters are still in France, in Mâcon. At IXON, we combine passion and expertise, so that the items you wear really meet your needs and help to enhance your riding experience.

We are convinced that along with the importance of your motorbike and the environment all around you, the equipment you use helps to shape your riding experience. 

At IXON, we have a committed approach: we want to play our part in your riding experience. To make sure you enjoy the best possible experience at the handlebars of your machine, we strive to provide you with the very best equipment.

Since the brand's beginnings in 1996, this is our mission.


Thierry Maniguet, a big fan of motorcycling, was just 24 when he founded IXON in France in 1996. Down the years, the brand has shown a great capacity for growth and economic performance, and has also received a range of awards. Our rapid development resulted from a determination to remain independent and to keep control over the whole value chain.

With Thierry Maniguet still at the helm and our headquarters still in France, we have now become an international brand. IXON is the leader in the French market, and we are also the most widely distributed French brand in the world with sales in over 70 countries.

We are proud of our development, and today we highlight our status as an international group on a human scale. From this perspective, our links with our collaborators, partners, riders and the users of our equipment are filled with human values.

In our approach as an international brand, we base ourselves on the slogan Think Global, Act Local : the aim is to provide the same level of excellence in IXON equipment all over the world, while adapting our range and products to the specific needs of users in each country. Our range specially developed for Asia - with specific sizes, outlines, features and design - is an example of our determination to adapt our products based on the Think Global, Act Local approach.