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Best Ways To Disinfect & Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

September 28, 2021

Your motorcycle helmet is without a doubt the most important protective gear in your riding wardrobe. Because of the consistent use, it’s bound to collect unwanted grime and muck during your riding endeavours. Routinely disinfecting and cleaning your motorcycle helmet not only keeps the interior and exterior fresh, yet can extend the life of your helmet too. Here are the best ways to disinfect & clean your motorcycle helmet...

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning & Disinfecting Equipment

1. Preparing The Helmet: 

Exterior Preparation: Firstly you need to prepare the ‘work space’ (helmet). If you have any tech like a Bluetooth Intercom or other accessories attached to the exterior, best to remove them. For adventure/ off-road helmets that feature a peak, try and remove it (if possible), as it allows you to access all parts of the helmet. The peak can simply be cleaned separately. 

Interior Preparation: Now focus on removing all the interior padding inside the helmet. This would include the cheek pads, main-lining, chin guard ect. At this stage, you really should just be felt with the shell of the helmet. Time to start CLEANING!

2. Cleaning The Exterior:

Soak a microfiber cloth in warm water and place it over the helmet. Allow it to sit for a good 10 mins so that grime and muck can be thoroughly agitated. Don’t be concerned about using too much water here, as your helmet is designed to endure large amounts of exposure to wet conditions. After the agitation stage, start massaging the damp cloth over the helmet. Use a swirl cleaning motion to help remove any remaining dirt and grime

Its recommended to only use warm water on your helmet when cleaning it. Soaps and other cleaning solutions can damage the exterior of the helmet shell. 

3. Cleaning The Interior:

The interior padding usually takes the longest to clean, as your head/ hair can be deceivingly dirty. Oil from your hair and face, sweat and skin particles all contribute to staining your interior padding. 

Head to a sink/ bucket and fill with warm water, adding a small amount of baby shampoo. Baby shampoo may sound like a rather odd product to use, yet because of the light, soft formula, it’s perfect for carefully agitating delicate fabrics. 

Lightly scrub the soapy water into the padding using a toothbrush and dab away with a clean microfiber cloth. To really take this to the next level, grab yourself a bottle of Motul M2 Helmet Interior Cleaner and spray a good amount directly of the interior pads. Swipe away with another microfiber cloth removing the last of the contaminates. The is a proper deep clean! 

The best way to drying our the pads is by air. Let them sit for a few hours until they are completely dry. 

4. Clean Your Helmet Visor

Simply grab yourself a small bottle of the Muc Off, Lens and Goggle Cleaner and spray the visor. It's been formulated using deionized water as recommended by many helmet manufacturers and it’s safe to use on all lens materials including polycarbonate! Wipe down with a microfibre cloth, removing all contaminants. Wipe in a straight line, instead of swirls to reduce the risk of scratching the visor.   

5. Reassemble The Cleaned Helmet

This is rather straightforward but insert the padding back into the helmet. Reattached the helmet visor and assembled any other pieces like technology on the helmet.

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