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Bike Review: Peugeot Django 150

May 18, 2021

Before saddling up and heading out for an afternoon cruise on the Peugeot Django 150, my feelings towards Scooters were apprehensive. Honestly, this segment of motorcycling never really stood out to me, yet admittedly this changed during the brief time spent riding on Peugeot’s Django 150. Safe to say, I totally understand the attraction in owning one of these vehicles and here’s why…

When approaching the Django 150 for the first time, the styling of the scooter really stood out. In classic Peugeot fashion, the finish of the scooter was flawless, featuring a gloss black paint work, super sleek bodywork and integrity branded details, such as the Peugeot logo on the seat. It's the subtle details that really elevate the design, above the rest in the class. 

Throwing my leg over, I was feeling pretty intrigued about what the 150cc engine felt like on the road. Ray from TeamMoto Euro Springwood & MCAS came over and informatively gave me a quick rundown of the mechanics and instruments on the scooter. “Kill Switch, throttle, brakes and you sit there… it's that easy''. Very simple layout, and franking rather dummy proof to ride. Two handle bar levers control the front and back brakes, and twist the throttle to move forward. How can you mess that up?

Sitting on the bike felt incredibly comfortable, due to the plush, padded leather seat. In fact, the complete ergonomics of the scooter were very relaxing and allowed for hours of comfortable riding. Legs are as you'd expect, in front of you, and depending how tall you are, can be stretched out a good amount - which impressed me. 

Cruising on the road, the power delivery is best described almost like a slingshot effect. It won’t move much if you tank the throttle, yet give it time and it will begin to shoot away. It’s very manageable, and forgiving. Stability was something I was a little worried about, especially with the smaller tyres equipped from the factory. Yet to my surprise, my worries were quickly debunked, as handling felt tight, cornering was smooth and vibrations were minimal. 

City and urban riding is where the Django 150 feels most at home. With such a light chassis, lane filtering and city maneuvering is a dream (Wet weight 140). Peugoet has claimed the top speed will be sitting at 80km/s an hour, which during my testing rings true. (However, this may change if you are packing a little more weight. 

Looking at storage, owners will have plenty of room under the seat, easily able to fit the average commuters luggage. The fuel tank, with a 8.5 litre capacity, is situated in the left hand side of the bike and is accessed using the key. On the other side, owners are greeted with a 12V adapter, which is perfect for charging your device on the go. It was very much designed for that everyday commuter in mind. 

A big win is that ABS on the front brake, and it's definitely noticeable on the road. Makes for a much safer riding experience, and great to see this on a scooter, in case of emergency braking. With that being said, engine braking was pretty strong, so many stops were mostly slowed down by releasing that throttle. 

Overall, if you’re in the market for a reliable, stylish and simple scooter for the urban lifestyle, the Peugeot Django 150 is a great option to consider. With plenty of storage space, a comfortable riding position and excellent fuel efficiency it's definitely worth a test ride. Come in-store at a TeamMoto & MCAS Peugeot dealership and book a test ride. Shout out to Gavin and the team at TeamMoto Euro Springwood & MCAS for lending the Demo Peugeot Django 150.




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