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Blur - B-OTG 2020 Goggles

January 27, 2021

Riders in a similar dilemma as myself, and choose or simply can’t wear contact lenses, OTG (Over The Glasses) goggles are a welcome development in goggle technology. The idea is that riders will be able to retain the ability to comfortably wear prescription eyewear, underneath their motorsport goggles. 

Blur’s new OTG goggles for 2020, is a mid-priced goggle with pro features, the most notable, being engineered to comfortably accommodate most styles of prescription glasses. Having tested the goggles using my own personal prescriptions, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and functionality of the product. With a specialised contour frame to take the pressure off the earpieces of your glasses, your prescriptions will fit right at home. On inspection, indents in the frame and foam lining are visible in the temple, allowing your frames an ideal fitting position in relation to your eyes. These indents also act to help stabilise your glasses in rougher terrain, which for many users, will assist greatly. To be expected, larger frames equate to a larger set of lenses, which allow for a wider field of view. When speeding through the dense bush or muddy dirt trails, the larger viewing perspective is a welcome addition. 

For optimum comfort, durability and ventilation, a triple-layer foam lining sits snug against your face. To help deter fogging, a RAM ventilation system and an anti-fogging coat on the lenses allow for high visibility in the harshest of conditions. Customers will receive both a clear and polarised lightweight lens with the purchase, both being anti-scratch and 100% UV protection. A 3 lined silicone strap is also present, to help keep the goggles fixed in place on the helmet. These lenses can be easily removed and fitted, through glove-friendly triggers, and come with a microfiber bag, keeping them protected when not in use. For more serious riders, they'll be glad to know that both sets of lenses feature tear-off pins for those extra muddy trails. 

Overall, the new Blur B-OTG for 2020 is a well designed, functional and comfortable off-road goggle, ideal for vision-impaired riders who are adamant on wearing their prescription glasses during motorsport adventures. Priced at a reasonable $49.95, the new Blur B-OTG goggles can be found at any of our TeamMoto stores across the country.

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