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Gaerne G-Rocket - Product Review

February 25, 2021

When we first think of riding boots, we tend to visualise thick, heavy, and unflattering pieces of footwear, that offer great safety protection, however, lack aesthetic usability. Urban style riding boots have become increasingly popular, offering riders protection on the bike and day-to-day functionality off the bike. 

Gaerne is a specialised Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer that has recently released their new 2020 G-Rocket boots, which are designed to be riding ready, without sacrificing everyday usability. Over the past week, I’ve been testing out these boots during my daily commutes and weekend rides, seeing if they hold their claim of being the ideal blend of safety and everyday practicality. 


Safety is key and must be at the forefront of every riding apparel manufacturer. Gaerne has implemented high protective features in the G-Rocket, reinforcing the malleolus, ankle protection, and rubber side sliders. The leather lining uses high-quality thick leather, for an increase of protection and wear resistance in the heel and front of the boot. The boots are CE approved, which means they have been successfully submitted for European safety tests and passed. Compared to other similar styled products, many manufactures have not got this level of safety labelled. Gaerne has stolen elements from their racing boot range, adding in features such as the microinjected insert for extra grip on the sides of the boots. I didn’t find this to be too necessary as my riding style is rather conservative, however, this will be a welcome feature for more aggressive riders. 


A real issue with many riding boots is the lack of airflow, which on hot summer days and long rides, becomes considerably uncomfortable. For maximum airflow, the G-Rocket is designed with lateral air vent perforations, seen on both sides of the upper lining of the boots. It may sound silly, worrying about ventilation in boots, but they do make a large difference on humid, summer rides. 

The inclusion of laces on any riding boot scares me. The fear of coming to a stop sign, only to embarrassingly tumble over, as your laces are caught on your footpegs, is something I’d rather avoid. As this accident happens more often than not, the G-Rocket once again has solved the issue, by adding a velcro strap at the top of the boot. This firstly helps secure the ankle position, yet also acts to tie down the excess laces, preventing them from latching onto any protruding elements from the bike. The velcro strap is also high enough so that with pants on, it will be unnoticeable. It's a smart and effective design, something I expect more manufacturers will incorporate. 


The compound rubber anti-slip sole is integrated with the upper design and offers one of the most secure grips I’ve ever tested. Ensuring quality grip on your riding boots is vital, as roads are hazardous with debris, gravel, and water. Without the appropriate grip, the prospect of slipping and dropping the bike becomes all too real. The G-Rocket boots claim an anti-slip sole and found this to be true through my testing. 

Much like all boots, the leather needs to be broken in, which usually takes 1-3 weeks (depending on how frequently you wear them). I've been testing this pair for a week, and have seen a considerable change in comfort and flexibility, especially in the toe crease and ankle. Comfort levels are high, with a cushioned, breathable membrane. The insole is more on the stiffer side, however, the option of sticking an aftermarket gel or memory foam insole in, can be a solution. Fit is true to size, so if you usually take a 44 (Size UK10/US9.5), best opt for the size 44 (Size UK 10/US9.5).


Apart from the paddle shifters and rubber side sliders, this feels and looks like an everyday smart-casual lace-up boot. Thankfully due to the sleek black finish of the boots, these riding elements won’t loudly stand out to the normal eye.  


Producing a large majority of their range still out of Italy, Gaerne continues to innovate the motorcycling boot industry. The new Gaerne G-Rocket boots are highly versatile, ideal for both beginner and experienced riders. From daily commuting to mountain carving, these boots will handle it without skipping a beat. The new Gaerne G-Rocket boots can be found at any of our stores. 

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