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How To Correctly Clean & Polish Chrome On Your Motorcycle | Cleaning Guide

by Tristan Goodfellow | August 26, 2021

Chrome plays a huge role in the overall aesthetic of a motorcycle. So it makes sense to know how to correctly clean and polish your chrome to maintain that factory finish shine and longevity. 

Step 1. Give your motorcycle some much-needed attention and bath it in a thorough wash. Check out how to safely wash your motorcycle today! Make sure you give the chrome a good clean, removing any surface grime and muck. Ignoring this stage may result in you unintentionally scratching the chrome in the upcoming steps.  

Step 2. Once the bike is completely dry, identify all the Industrial Hard Chrome you wish to clean. Grab yourself a tube of Autosol Metal Polish. This legendary product has found its way into Australian hearts and homes, faithfully doing its duty as a general-purpose chrome polish in auto, marine and household applications. The Autosol Metal Polish acts as a protective layer on the chrome and helps return the chrome back to that factory finish shine!

Step 3. When using the Autosol Metal Polish, use a soft cloth for application and a microfiber towel to buff the residue off. Polish in straight lines to avoid swirls.

Step 4. The same technique can be applied to aluminium and stainless steel finishes, to make them shine like new.   

Step 5. Congratulations! It's that easy to make your Chrome to have that factory shine again!

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