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How To Stop Your Helmet Visor From Fogging? | Riding Tips

by Tristan Goodfellow | August 26, 2021

Fogging on your motorcycle helmet visor can be extremely annoying and rather hazardous in certain conditions. Over the years, I found myself simply putting up with this aspect of riding a motorcycle... until recently.

I spent the past week investigating the best and most affordable ways to stop motorcycle helmet visors from fogging. Here are the solutions!

1. Open The Visor/ Vents

It sounds like a no-brainer and most riders will do this instinctively, yet opening up the helmet vents/ visor will ensure your exhale is directed outside the helmet. This in return will reduce condensation inside your helmet. 

What's the catch? Your helmet visor tends to fog in cooler conditions (Winter) and during rainy days in summer. I’m not sure about you, but having icy cool air, or drizzly rain come rushing into my helmet doesn’t sound too thrilling. 

Most modern street helmets will have notches that open the visor slightly to allow air to come in and keep other elements, such as rain, out. This is far from foolproof, as extensive fogging will require the rider to open the visor up more, surrendering them to the weather. What I found to work nicely is opening the visor up for a couple of seconds at a time. It clears the intrusive fog in quick succession, yet this is a continuous procedure. 

2. Invest In A Pinlock Visor

A Pinlock visor will pretty much be your best friend when it comes to eliminating fogging. The Pinlock uses a silicone bead, which creates a “double glazed window effect”, when the insert is attached to the helmet visor. The pocket of air trapped in between the visor acts as an insulator for the inside temperatures in the motorcycle helmet. For this solution to work, riders need to own a motorcycle helmet that is Pinlock prepared. See the photo below for what you need to look for...

Without a doubt, the Pinlock visor is one of my favourite solutions to stop visor fog and is effective in any and all temperatures.

Handy Tip! Be Fragile when installing the Pinlock visor onto your motorcycle helmet. The insert can and will scratch and there’s nothing worse than looking out of a visor with a massive scratch in the middle of it. So take your time and be gentle with it.

3. Anti-Fog Cleaner

Anti-fog cleaners are easy to apply and quick to take effect. Spray the product directly onto your visor and watch the magic happen. Coming in small, contained bottles, this solution can be kept with you at all times, either in your backpack or under your motorcycle seat. Priced at only $14.95 Cat Crap is our recommended helmet visor goggle & lense anti-fog cleaner. This product can be found in-store or online today!

Cheap Anti-Fog Hacks: There are many quirky tricks riders use for non-traditional anti-fogging cleaners. I would only recommend using one of these hacks as a last resort! Anyway, did you know that by spitting on your visor the saliva acts as a natural anti-fogging cleaner. Scuba divers do this all the time, so this hack has been tried and tested. Other ways include rubbing a cut potato or using shaving cream on your visor.

4. Fogging Masks

At this stage, we should all be pretty familiar with wearing face masks. Since your breathing causes the fog inside the visor, wearing a Respro Foggy Breath Guard will prevent the visor from fogging up. A product like Zan Half Mask Black priced at only $24.95 is a great solution and covers your mouth and nose, whilst wearing a full face street helmet. The fabric is light and versatile, allowing owners to wear the mask in all riding seasons. Shop online or come in-store today!

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