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LAMS Approved Race Ready KTM RC 390

June 23, 2021

KTM’s RC 390 is a lightweight, LAMS-approved sport bike that offers beginners a friendly introduction into the world of sport bike riding. Whether you're commuting, taking a spin through the mountain side or on the racetrack, the RC 390 surprisingly does it all.

The 44 hp, lightweight engine packs some notable torque down low, great for street use. Thanks to the inventive intake design and fuel injection system, the KTM RC 390 is ready to accelerate hard and swiftly off traffic lights/ or on the racetrack. To help with beginner riders, the bike comes factory with a slipper clutch. This tech prevents the rear wheel chatter when braking or accelerating hard, giving riders more confidence and control when braking. 

The WP high-quality inverted fork allows the RC 390 to be ultra-stable and precise through corners. Fun fact, the outer tube diameter of these forks is the same as the RC8 R, KTM’s 800cc supersport. The 10-liter fuel tank and the incredible fuel-efficient engine allow the bike to the economical and travel long distances on a single tank. Everybody loves more time in the saddle and less at the fuel stations. 

A strong selling point of the RC 390 is the ergonomics of the bike. Capturing the feeling of a proper supersport body position, the clip-on bars are low and aggressive, perfect for tackling hard, tight corners. Sitting on the bike itself, riders are greeted to a seat height of 820mm, which feels like you're sitting more on top of the bike, than inside. This gives riders more control and movement, enabling them to shift their body weight around in corners, just like fully fleshed-out Superbikes. 

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