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Brake Pads

Get more out of your brake pads...

Brake pads are available in different compounds for different conditions. Picking the right one is something most riders give little thought to.

For most off-road applications you can either get organic (soft) or sintered metal (hard) pads. The soft pads will disperse heat better, give you more feel when braking and are less abrasive on the disc. However, they do wear quicker in muddy conditions. The hard pads will offer more pad life in mud and they have more of an on-off feel about them.

If you have trouble with overheating or find your brakes are a bit touchy, try the softer pad. It is a good idea to keep a hard set in the toolbox for muddy conditions. A lot of riders complain about the touchiness of KTM and YZ/WR rear brakes, when all it takes is a simple pad change to get the feel right.

Next time you're buying pads, first think about the conditions you usually encounter so you get the most out of your machine.