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2021 EC 250FROM $12,940 RA

Refined and reassuringly uncomplicated, the EC 250 is the GASGAS easy to ride, easy to race 2-stroke middleweight that’s packed with state of the art technology. A machine that likes nothing better than to be pushed to its limit while axle-deep in mud, it delivers smooth and clean power, low maintenance, and is highly reliable while benefiting from well-proven EFI technology. It’s a lean, mean, no premix needed, woods loving machine.

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2021 EC 300FROM $14,155 RA

Be more Taddy on the GASGAS EC 300! A bike that will take you anywhere offroad, it's a modern-day workhorse of a dirt bike with the ability to make light work of the gnarliest offroad terrain. Built to deliver enjoyment by the bucket load, its state-of-the-art 2-stroke technology ensures smooth and clean power that's easy-to-use. Requiring no premix and guaranteeing low maintenance costs, it delivers awesome handling and benefits from reduced fuel consumption.

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2021 EC 250FFROM $12,940 RA

Proof that some of the best things in life truly do come in the smallest packages! The electric start EC 250F delivers performance and enjoyment far beyond what many would expect from a compact 250cc engine. Welcoming to riders of all ages and abilities, its low weight and WP rear shock and linkage contribute to the amazing handling characteristics and easy maneuverability. The potent quarter-liter motor ensures serious offroad fun.

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2021 EC 350FFROM $13,750 RA

For those that want more power and performance but no less fun, the GASGAS EC 350F is the grown-up 4-stroke that retains a fun-loving, easy-going nature. Bringing together an ample supply of strong, torquey power with handling and agility that’s anything but a ‘big bike’ it’s the perfect do-it-all 4-stroke for no-nonsense riding enjoyment. Using a Braktec hydraulic clutch for a consistent, maintenance-free operation, the EC 350F is fitted with a super-reliable 6-speed transmission as well as WP forks and shock and a rear suspension linkage.

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2021 MC-E 5FROM $8,290 RA

GASGAS do electric too! The MC-E 5 is a no-nonsense junior motocross bike that’s super quiet and super fun. Ideal for youngsters to learn on, it’s fitted with a quick charging electric power pack and offers 6 different ride modes for complete parental control. But make no mistake about it, the MC-E 5 is no toy – it’s a fully-fledged competition bike aimed at both beginners and junior berm bashers. Easy to transport and benefiting from zero emissions and almost zero sound, with its super durable frame, premium WP suspension, overall lightweight construction, adjustable seat height, and high-quality parts it’s a bike that’ll ensure hours and hours of fun.

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2021 MC 50FROM $5,055 RA

The GASGAS MC 50 is where the fun starts for the next generation of berm bashers and MX thrill-seekers. Allowing youngsters to confidently take their first rides in the dirt, it delivers aggressive design, quality parts, and above all else mirrors the style and enjoyment of the entire GASGAS MX range. With its dependable steel chassis, WP forks, and revvy little 50cc motor, it's the perfect springboard into the awesome world of moto

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2021 MC 65FROM $6,775 RA

Clutch in, select the gear, revs up, slowly release the clutch… those magical moments when a young motocrosser takes control of a full-on race machine for the first time. The MC 65 is the perfect bike for any youngster to dive deeper into the world of dirt bikes and fun. With a hydraulic clutch, 6-speed transmission, highly competitive 65cc 2-stroke engine, and WP forks it’s a true performance offroad bike.

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2021 MC 85FROM $8,090 RA

The GASGAS MC 85 is a non-nonsense performance bike that packs a serious punch. Built to give youngsters an exciting full-on race bike that allows them to continue developing their skills, armed with its powerful and reliable motor, WP suspension, and bodywork that's specifically designed to suit younger riders, it's a mini racer that delivers performance and durability and a whole lot of fun.

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2021 MC 125FROM $10,515 RA

It’s hard to beat the pure joy of a screaming 125cc 2-stroke! The perfect bike on which to develop lifelong motocross skills, the MC 125 matches a competitive 125cc, 6-speed motor with a super agile and responsive chassis and suspension set-up to deliver fun, fun, fun.

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2021 MC 250FFROM $11,525 RA

This 'little' 4-stroke will put the biggest smile on your face. Welcoming and easy to ride yet capable of delivering impressive performance, the GASGAS MC 250F is the go-to bike for anyone that's serious about having fun in the dirt. Mixing a high-revving, fuel-injected, five-speed motor with playful and energetic handling it's a serious MX package for those who love the dirt.

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2021 MC 450FFROM $12,540 RA

Get ready for awesome! Packed with innovative technology and pumping out seriously impressive performance, the MC 450F sure knows the meaning of fast. But with its precise and easy handling, super-compact engine, and class-leading electronic wizardry it's a big bike that's easy to ride and great for banging bars.

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