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How to fit a helmet

Looking to purchase a helmet but you're unsure what to look for? The following is a guide on how a helmet should fit.

Every helmet brand is based on a different shell shape, therefore each brand will feel different when tried on. Firstly, to put the helmet on your head, pull the straps out towards the shell of the helmet. This will create a bigger opening in the helmet, allowing for a more effortless fit. Here is a diagram on how to fasten a d-ring closure system;

Once the helmet is on your head, here are some of the things you should look out for;

Pressure points; the helmet should feel snug around the circumference of your head. You should feel even pressure and there should be no particular point where the helmet is applying excess pressure (around the circumference).

Our trained staff will test the fit around the crown of your head, by gently pushing down on the chin bar of the helmet. If the helmet starts to slip down the forehead, even over the eyes, the helmet is too big. Ideally, the helmet should grab the skin and instead pull the skin down rather than slipping over it.

Cheek pads; should push firmly into your cheeks. In fact, there should be a small degree of 'excess' pressure here. This is because the cheek pads will bed-in and mould to your face shape. They are designed to do this, you should not be concerned by the extra pressure you feel. It is important that the cheekpads are close fitting, to ensure the helmet maintains a good fit for a longer period of time.

Using flexible (dressmakers) measuring tape, measure the circumference of the crown of your head to obtain the sizes below. Remember that all helmets fit differently. There are brands which will suit your head shape more than others. Therefore, there is no substitute for physically trying on a helmet prior to purchasing.

XX-Small 6 1/4"-6 3/8" (51-52cm)

X-Small 6 1/2"- 6 5/8" (53-54cm)

Small 6 3/4"- 6 7/8" (55-56cm)

Medium 7" - 7 1/8" (57-58cm)

Large7 1/4"- 7 3/8" (59-60cm) 

X-Large 7 1/2"- 7 5/8" (61-62cm)

2-XLarge 7 3/4"-7 7/8" (63-64cm) 

3-XLarge 8 - 8 1/8" (65-66cm)

Note: As specifications and fit can change from year to year, month to month, and even production run to production run, it is recommended that you try on the actual helmet you buy, before you pay for it.