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MX Gear

MX gear is used for off-road riding, motocross or all- terrain vehicle riding. Motocross gear includes helmets, clothing, gloves, goggles, armour, boots, neck protection and hydration systems.

All MX gear has its sole purposes as to why it should be worn by the rider for protection. It is also a specific requirement at some motocross tracks.

MX gear is available for all riders; men, women, and kids/youth.

Types of MX gear

MX Helmets

These are an essential whilst riding as they may protect from injuries to your head not just in the event of a crash but also from debris or other objects such as tree branches.

MX Clothing

Is also an essential for riding. For example pants are a necessity to protect your legs from the heat of the engine, as well as protection in the event you may fall from the bike. MX Pants are made with more heavy and durable fabrics that have reinforcements in crucial areas which are likely to make contact adding more comfort and protection than casual clothing.

MX Gloves

Gloves help prevent injury, scratches & cuts to your hands from passing branches you may ride through, also in the event of a fall from your bike.

MX Goggles

Goggles have an inner foam layer to keep dust and debris out whilst riding. MX Goggles also help keep out from any debris that may be flicked up from your own front wheel, or from the rear wheel of a leading bike.

MX Armour

Armour is mostly made up of strong plastic to protect against injury from falling off, collision with other riders or objects, and barriers, not to mention from debris that may be kicked up. Armour lowers the risk of the extreme outcomes of breakage, fractures and dislocation, and your back and chest from strain and broken bones.

MX Boots

Boots help support the ankle whilst riding, however at the same time giving protection to feet, ankles and shins.

Neck Protection

Neck protection assists in the event of a crash. Your neck is very vulnerable to high impact movement, therefore good quality MX neck protection may stop this, and prevent further damage, as well as hyper-extension.

Hydration Systems

Maintaining an adequate hydration level is very important, especially when participating in a motocross or enduro competition, or simply going for a long ride.

What brands of MX gear does MCA sell?

No matter what you call it Motocross, Dirt bike, MX gear, MCA stocks a wide range of gear in different brands for all types of Off-Road riding such as:

Our MX section in store & online has a huge range of gear. If you can't see or locate online what you are looking for, please feel free to come into one of our stores or alternatively phone (02) 9648 1400 or email us and we will be happy to help.