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MCA stocks a wide range of Rjays Apparel and Rjays Accessories such as Rjays Road Helmets, Rjays MX Helmets, Rjays Mens Leather and Rjays Ladies Leather, Rjays Textile Clothing, Rjays Rainwear, Rjays Gloves, Rjays Boots, Rjays Luggage - soft & hard, as well as a large range of Rjays Accessories to suit all  motorcycling riding climates and conditions all available online Australia-wide, freight free or from one of our Sydney or Melbourne stores.

Rjays motorcycle leathers were first released to the Australian market way back in February 1990. Even back then, the people behind the name saw a need for a brand to be created that would truly suit Australia’s tough motorcycle riding conditions. Since that time RJays has come a long way. Today we have a massive range of helmets, leathers, textiles, rainwear, gloves, boots, soft & hard luggage as well as a large range of accessories to suit all motorcycle riding climates and conditions which continues to evolve and grow all the time. As time has gone on more and more motorcyclists the world over have come to recognise the care taken in the development and eventual production of every single item RJays releases to the motorcycling public.

As our company is as dedicated as ever to non stop development and delivering extraordinary value for money, we have as recently as January 2013, entered both the auto and kart racing markets. This was a direct result of so many our customers who overlap into these sports asking us time and time again to provide the same great design, quality and value that we have delivered for now more than 20 years.