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Metzeler MC360 Off Road Front Tyres


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Description -

Introducing the new Metzeler MC360


  • Street legal motorcycle tyre
  • High level of traction
  • Excellent resistance to cuts and tearing
  • Midsoft compound offers all round performance in soft to mid terrain
  • Midhard compound offers all round performance in mid to hard terrain
  • Reversible tread patterns allow prolonged tyre life and maximized traction from one round to the next.

When you compete against time, you cannot compromise on dynamic performances to win.

When you are training hard for your most important Motocross on Supercross race, the duration and the consistency of your practice will set up your success.

When races are longer, and they eventually put together on the same course motocross sections and rocks, logs, ruts, sand or mud, being the fastest is not enough; you need to be the toughest and the most perceptive as well.

MC360 idenifies the range of METZELER products dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country and Freestyle.

MC360 condenses all the requirements from these disciplines in 2 technical specifications named Mid-Soft [MS] and Mid-Hard [MH], each one interpreting at the best the prevalent features of a mixed course you are riding on, and ensuring a consistent and durable performance.

The number 360 indicates that this product has been designed to be all-round comprehensive, incorporating the versatility to push hard on several terrains with 2 specifications only, to prolong the life of the tyres with it's durability and furthermore with it's reversible tread pattern, to be suitable for extreme uses, and to enable amateurs- riding street legal vehicles- to drive legally on the road back and forth to the track/training ground.

Benefts of MC360

METEZELER MC350 Mid-Soft[MS] and Mid-Hard [MH] provide a high-level of dynamic performance on several terrains, by maximizing cornering grip and traction, providing a remarkable durability ad resistance against cuts and tearing.

All MC360 fitments- uniform (MS FR +MS RR -MH FR +MH RR) and mixed (MS FR +MH RR) - have been tested to be easy- to- use and to unedratned. These tyres allow riders to reach their maximum potential and have fun. They also improve rider's confidence so that they can put their skills to the test.

All METZELER MC360 range is street-legal for dimensional and intergrity requirements. All METZELER MC360 tyres have reversible tread pattern to prolong tyre life and to reverse block's angle of incidence, this is useful to maximize traction between one round and another.

Both motocross and enduro sizes are available, and mixed fitments can be used to suit your needs.

Metzeler MC360 Off Road Front Tyres

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