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Twin Air Filter for KTM / Gas Gas / Husqvarna / Husaberg / Maico / MZ / SWM / Rieju


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Twin Air Filter for KTM / Gas Gas / Husqvarna / Husaberg / Maico / MZ / SWM / Rieju

The world's most popular off-road air filter. Used by the world's best race teams.Rewashable,Quality dual stage foam. Ultimate protection, performance and design.Huge range available for most offroad bikes
Please refer to listing below for correct filter for your bike and then select from drop down box below

154004KTM50 SX1997-2004
154006KTM50 SX2000-2008
154008KTM50 SX2009-2021
GasGasMC 502021
HusqvarnaTC 502017-2021
KTM125 EXC1994-1997
KTM125 SX1994-1997
KTM250 SX1994-1997
KTM250 XC1994-1997
KTM300 EXC1993-1997
KTM300 XC-W1993-1997
KTM125 EXC1998-2003
KTM125 SX1998-2003
KTM200 EXC1998-2003
KTM200 XC-W1998-2003
KTM250 EXC1998-2003
KTM250 SX1998-2003
KTM250 XC1998-2003
KTM250 XC-W1998-2003
KTM300 EXC1998-2003
KTM300 XC-W1998-2003
KTM520 LC-42000-2002
KTM525 LC-42003
KTM85 SX2004
154112KTM105 SX2006-2011
KTM125 EXC2004-2007
KTM125 SX2004-2006
KTM200 EXC2004-2007
KTM200 XC-W2004-2006
KTM250 EXC2004-2006
KTM250 EXC-F2006
KTM250 SX2004-2006
KTM250 SX-F2006
KTM250 XC2004-2006
KTM250 XC-F2006
KTM250 XCF-W2006
KTM250 XC-W2004-2006
KTM300 EXC2004-2007
KTM300 XC-W2004-2007
KTM450 EXC2003-2006
KTM450 EXC-F2003-2006
KTM450 SX-F2003-2006
KTM450 XC-F2003-2006
KTM450 XC-W2003-2006
KTM500/525/530 EXC-F2003-2006
KTM520 LC-42001-2002
KTM525 LC-42003-2006
KTM530 EXC2006-2007
KTM85 SX2005-2012
KTM560 SMR2006-2007
KTM625 / 660 SMC2008-2010
154113KTM125 EXC2008-2009
KTM125 SX2007-2009
KTM144 SX2007-2008
KTM150 SX2009
KTM150 XC2009
KTM200 EXC2008-2009
KTM200 XC2008-2009
KTM200 XC-W2007-2009
KTM250 EXC2007-2009
KTM250 EXC-F2007-2009
KTM250 SX2007-2009
KTM250 SX-F2007-2009
KTM250 XC2007-2009
KTM250 XC-F2007-2009
KTM250 XCF-W2007-2009
KTM250 XC-W2007-2009
KTM300 EXC2008-2009
KTM300 XC-W2008-2009
KTM450 EXC2007-2010
KTM450 EXC-F2007-2010
KTM450 SMR2008-2009
KTM450 SX-F2007-2009
KTM450 XC-F2007-2009
KTM450 XC-W2007-2010
KTM505 SX-F2007-2009
KTM505 XC-F2007-2009
KTM525 XC2008-2009
KTM530 EXC2008-2009
KTM530 XC-W2008-2009
KTM450 SX ATV2008-2009
KTM450 XC ATV2008-2009
KTM505 SX ATV2009
KTM525 XC ATV2008-2009
KTM560 SMR2008-2009
154114KTM125 EXC2010-2011
KTM125 SX2010
KTM150 SX2010
KTM150 XC2010
KTM200 EXC2010-2011
KTM200 XC2010
KTM200 XC-W2010-2011
KTM250 EXC2010-2011
KTM250 EXC-F2010-2011
KTM250 SX2010
KTM250 SX-F2010
KTM250 XC2010
KTM250 XC-F2010
KTM250 XCF-W2010-2011
KTM250 XC-W2010-2011
KTM300 EXC2010-2011
KTM300 XC-W2010-2011
KTM450 EXC2011-2016
KTM450 EXC-F2011-2016
KTM450 SMR2010
KTM450 SX-F2010
KTM450 XC-F2010
KTM450 XC-W2011-2016
KTM500/525/530 EXC-F2008-2011
KTM505 XC-F2010
KTM525 XC2010-2013
KTM530 EXC-F2010-2011
KTM530 XC-W2010-2011
HusabergTE 1252011-2012
HusabergTE 2502011-2012
HusabergTE 3002011-2012
KTM450 SX ATV2010-2011
KTM450 XC ATV2010-2011
KTM505 SX ATV2010-2013
KTM525 XC ATV2010-2013
KTM560 SMR2010
154115KTM125 EXC2012-2016
KTM125 SX2011-2015
KTM150 SX2011-2015
KTM150 XC2011-2015
KTM200 EXC2012-2016
KTM200 XC-W2012-2016
KTM250 EXC2012-2016
KTM250 EXC-F2012-2016
KTM250 SX2011-2016
KTM250 SX-F2011-2015
KTM250 XC2011-2016
KTM250 XC-F2011-2015
KTM250 XCF-W2012-2016
KTM250 XC-W2012-2016
KTM300 EXC2012-2016
KTM300 XC2011-2016
KTM300 XC-W2012-2016
KTM350 EXC-F2011-2016
KTM350 SX-F2011-2015
KTM350 XC-F2011-2015
KTM350 XCF-W2011-2016
KTM450 EXC2011-2016
KTM450 EXC-F2011-2016
KTM450 SX-F2011-2015
KTM450 XC-F2011-2015
KTM450 XC-W2011-2016
KTM500/525/530 EXC-F2012-2016
KTM85 SX2013-2017
HusqvarnaFC 2502014-2015
HusqvarnaFC 3502013-2015
HusqvarnaFC 4502014-2015
HusabergFE 2502013
HusqvarnaFE 2502014-2016
HusabergFE 3502013
HusqvarnaFE 3502013-2016
HusabergFE 4502013
HusqvarnaFE 4502013-2016
HusabergFE 5012013
HusqvarnaFE 5012014-2016
HusqvarnaFS 4502014-2015
HusqvarnaTC 1252014-2015
HusqvarnaTC 2502014-2015
HusqvarnaTC 852014-2017
HusabergTE 1252013
HusqvarnaTE 1252014-2016
HusabergTE 2502013
HusqvarnaTE 2502014-2016
HusabergTE 3002013
HusqvarnaTE 3002014-2016
154116KTM125 EXC2017-2021
KTM125 SX2016-2021
KTM150 SX2016-2021
KTM150 XC2016-2021
KTM150 XC-W2016-2021
KTM250 EXC2017-2021
KTM250 EXC TPI2018-2021
KTM250 EXC-F2017-2021
KTM250 SX2017-2021
KTM250 SX-F2016-2021
KTM250 XC2017-2021
KTM250 XC-F2016-2021
KTM250 XCF-W2017-2021
KTM250 XC-W2017-2021
KTM250 XC-W TPI2019-2021
KTM300 EXC2017-2021
KTM300 EXC TPI2019-2021
KTM300 XC2019-2021
KTM300 XC-W2017-2021
KTM350 EXC-F2017-2021
KTM350 SX-F2016-2021
KTM350 XC-F2016-2021
KTM350 XCF-W2017-2021
KTM450 EXC2017-2021
KTM450 EXC-F2017-2021
KTM450 SX-F2016-2021
KTM450 XC-F2016-2021
KTM450 XC-W2017-2021
KTM500/525/530 EXC-F2017-2021
GasGasEC 2502021
GasGasEC 250F2021
GasGasEC 350F2021
GasGasEX 250F2021
GasGasEX 350F2021
GasGasEX 450F2021
HusqvarnaFC 2502016-2021
HusqvarnaFC 3502016-2021
HusqvarnaFC 4502016-2021
HusqvarnaFE 2502017-2021
HusqvarnaFE 3502017-2021
HusqvarnaFE 4502017-2021
HusqvarnaFE 5012017-2021
HusqvarnaFS 4502016-2021
HusqvarnaFX 3502019-2021
HusqvarnaFX 4502017-2021
GasGasMC 1252021
GasGasMC 250F2021
GasGasMC 450F2021
HusqvarnaTC 1252016-2021
HusqvarnaTC 2502016-2021
HusqvarnaTE 1502017-2021
HusqvarnaTE 2502017-2021
HusqvarnaTE 250i2018-2021
HusqvarnaTE 3002017-2021
HusqvarnaTE 300i2018-2021
HusqvarnaTE 3502017-2021
HusqvarnaTX 1252017-2021
HusqvarnaTX 3002017-2021
154117KTM85 SX2018-2021
GasGasMC 852021
HusqvarnaTC 852018-2021
154140KTM350 Freeride2012-2017
154142KTM250R Freeride2014-2017
154512KTM350 LC-41993-1999
KTM400 LC-41993-1999
MZBaghira Enduro1997
KTM600 LC-41993-1999
KTM620 LC-41994-1999
KTM640 Duke2008-2010
KTM640 LC41993-2002
KTM640 LC4 Supermoto2008-2010
KTM690 Duke R1993-2002
154514KTM400 LC-4 Duke1997-2004
KTM60 SX1998-2000
KTM65 SX1997-2021
GasGasMC 652021
HusqvarnaTC 652017-2021
KTM620 / 625 LC-4 Duke1997-2006
KTM625 SMC2003-2007
KTM625 SXC2003-2007
KTM640 Adventure1998-2006
KTM640 Duke-E1998
KTM640 LC41998-2006
KTM640 LC-4 Duke1999-2010
155503HusqvarnaWR 3601992-1999
155506HusqvarnaSM-R 2502007
HusqvarnaSM-R 4502003-2010
HusqvarnaSM-R 5102005-2010
HusqvarnaSM-R 5112011-2012
HusqvarnaSM-R 5302009
HusqvarnaTE 4002001-2003
SWMRS 650R2015-2021
SWM650 Superdual X2017-2021
SWM650 Superdual T2017-2021
HusqvarnaSM 6102001-2011
SWMSM 650R2015-2021
HusqvarnaSM-R 6102001-2011
HusqvarnaSM-R 6302001-2011
HusqvarnaTE 5702004
HusqvarnaTE 6102001-2007
HusqvarnaTE 6302010-2011
157004HusqvarnaCR 1251998-2013
HusqvarnaCR 2501999-2005
HusqvarnaTC 250 4 str2002-2013
HusqvarnaTC 4502007-2012
HusqvarnaTC 5102005-2011
HusqvarnaTE 250 4 str2002-2013
HusqvarnaTE 3102009-2013
HusqvarnaTE 3501992-1995
HusqvarnaTE 4502008-2010
HusqvarnaTE 5102004-2010
HusqvarnaTXC 250 4 str2002-2013
HusqvarnaTXC 4502002-2013
HusqvarnaWR 1251992-2012
HusqvarnaWR 2501998-2012
HusqvarnaWR 3002009-2012
HusqvarnaWR 3601992-2003
HusqvarnaWRE 1251995-1999
SWMRS 300R2015-2021
SWMRS 500R2015-2021
SWMSM 3002015-2021
SWMSM 500R2015-2021
HusqvarnaTC 5702001-2003
HusqvarnaTC 6101993-2006
157100HusqvarnaTE 410 E1998-2001
HusqvarnaWRE 4101997-2003
HusqvarnaSM 6101998-2000
HusqvarnaTE 6101998-2000
157104HusqvarnaCR 652012-2013
158046GasGas125 Enduro/Halley/SM 2-str2008-2017
GasGasEC 1252007-2017
GasGasEC 2002007-2017
GasGasEC 2502007-2017
GasGasEC 3002007-2017
158084GasGasEC 2002018-2020
GasGasEC 2502018-2020
GasGasEC 3002018-2020
GasGasEX 2002018-2020
GasGasEX 2502018-2020
GasGasXC 2002018-2020
GasGasXC 2502018-2020
GasGasXC 3002018-2020
RiejuEC 2002021
RiejuEC 2502021
RiejuEC 3002021
RiejuRanger 2002021
RiejuRanger 3002021
RiejuEC 250GP2021
RiejuEC 300GP2021
GasGasTRX 300 EX2018-2020
158185HusabergFE 3902009-2012
HusabergFE 4502009-2012
HusabergFE 5702009-2012
158188HusabergFC 4702001-2002
HusabergFC 5012000
HusabergFC 5502001-2003
HusabergFC 6002000
HusabergFE 4002000
HusabergFE 4502008
HusabergFE 450 E2008
HusabergFE 5012000
HusabergFE 6002000
HusabergFE 650 E2001-2003
HusabergFS 400 C2001-2003
HusabergFS 400 E2001-2003
HusabergFS 450 E2008
HusabergFS 650 C2001-2003
HusabergFS 650 E2001-2003
HusabergFE/FEE/FC/FS 5702008
158190HusabergFC 4001997-1999
HusabergFC 5011997-1999
HusabergFC 6001997-1999
158194HusabergFC 4001997-1999
HusabergFC 5011997-1999
HusabergFC 6001997-1999
158199HusabergFC 4001997-1999
HusabergFC 5011997-1999
HusabergFC 6001997-1999
158251HusqvarnaHusky 501999-2011
158320NHusqvarnaTC 449 4 str2011-2012
HusqvarnaTE 449 4 str2011-2012
HusqvarnaTE 5112011-2013

Twin Air Filter for KTM / Gas Gas / Husqvarna / Husaberg / Maico / MZ / SWM / Rieju

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