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Zodiac Throttle Cable Armour Coat 90-95 Standard


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Description -

Zodiac offers a wide selection of control cables for almost any type/model Harley-Davidson, Buell or Custom built motorcycles. Cables are available in three different brands: Zodiac, Barnett and Magnum Shielding. 

How to find your cable: 
We have grouped cables by application. Check in the application list what throttle, idle or clutch cable style and stock length you need for your model and than choose a cable from the cable listing. The lengths given are approximately and measured end to end of the visible outer cable and do not include the end fittings.

Zodiac cables; High quality cables at very competitive prices
A. Zodiac Black:
 Stock replacement cables with a black vinyl covered outer cable
B. Zodiac All Black: 
Totally black cables with black elbows and black adjusters
C. Zodiac Braided: 
Same cables as above but with a Braided Stainless Steel covered outer
D. Zodiac Clear Coated:
 Clear vinyl covered Braided Stainless Steel outer cable

Barnett cables, American made control cables
E. Barnett Black: 
American made stock replacement black vinyl covered outer cable
F. Barnett Stealth: 
American Made totally black cables with black elbows and black adjusters
G. Barnett Braided: 
American made classic stainless steel braid covered outer cable
H. Barnett Clear Coated: 
American made clear vinyl covered stainless steel braid outer cable

I. Magnum Sterling Chromite: 
American made cables with a braided steel outer cable. Every strand of wire used for this braid is individually chrome plated for a super shiny appearance. Sterling Chromite cables and lines feature crystal clear Teflon outer jacket offering exceptional protection against scuffing paint and will never discolor

Zodiac Throttle Cable Armour Coat 90-95 Standard

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