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How to tie down a dirt bike

We have put together a few tips on tying down your bike to help ensure you get it to and from its destination in one piece. The following is not meant to be an exact instructional on tying down your bike from start to finish, as there may be variances depending on your trailer/ute and the materials used. It is meant to be a guide only.

1. Pick a secure anchor point and lock safety hook around it (preferably a new style). If you don't have a new style hook, a good idea is to mount the hook in place using occy straps or such to prevent it from moving in transit. Tie the tie-down so it is pulling the bike forward. Ensure the tie-down cannot slip back along the rail and loosen.

2. Feed soft loop hook through the handlebars or other fixed point on bike. Then secure the soft hook through the other end of the tie-down.
Better tie-downs such as Oneal soft loop with snapper hooks ensure the tie-downs cannot come off. These may cost a little more but are worth the extra.

3. Its a good idea to fit some sort of fork brace/block to restrict the compression of forks so the bike doesn't bounce around whilst in transit. It will also protect the fork seals.

4. Make sure you tie the bike down evenly and upright. Straps should be at an angle of about 45 degrees. This will stop the bike from rocking side to side. Also use a wheel chock to rest your front tyre in. This will prevent the wheel from moving side to side. If you're using a box trailer, lock your wheel into place by turning into the corner of the trailer.

5. As an added precaution we recommend you tie a knot closest to the buckle to prevent the tie-down slipping. This can happen due to substances like dirt or water on the straps.

6. Last tip is to secure the rear wheel down to prevent it from sliding around. This is especially important if you have a second bike on board.

One other thing, if you're tying down more than one bike on the same trailer/ute, make sure the handlebars are not interfering with another bikes cables as it may damage them. Don't forget to tie down any other items you have on board like a gearbag, stand, ramp, fuel jug etc...