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Which road bike oil?

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between one engine oil and another? Have you wondered whether you're using the right oil? Is it protecting your engine enough from the type of riding you do? Well, fret no more because we'll guide you through all you need to know about engine oils so you can feel confident with your next purchase.

Firstly the 3 main oil types are mineral, mineral oils with an ester base (semi-synthetic) and fully synthetic oils. What oil you choose will depend on numerous factors like; your type of riding (commuting, racing, ride days and weekend blasts etc), engine configuration (V-Twin, In-line 4, Single etc.), age of engine (air cooled or water cooled) and wear and tear engine has been exposed to.

Motul 300V Factoy Line 10W40 oil is a double ester synthetic racing formulation lubricant for four stroke engines with dry or wet clutch. If you race your bike or undertake high performance riding like track days this oil is ideal for protecting your engine. This race grade oil offers maximum protection against the harsh conditions of riding your engine to it's peak performance. It's double ester lubrication and 100% synthetic properties will give your engine the ultimate barrier against wear and tear.

Motul 7100 10W40 oil is a new 100% synthetic with improved ester lubricant technology. With a high performance film strength, this oil will protect your engine even in the harshest of conditions. Keep this oil in mind if you have a modern road bike and you're a serious rider. If you're seeking optimal performance then this oil will ensure smoother and faster gear changes.

Motul 7100 20W50 oil is also a new 100% synthetic with improved ester lubricant technology. A high performance oil designed for all modern V-Twins including Harley Davidson specifications. 20W50 viscosity oil with extremely low volatility specifically designed to prevent misting and oil usage in V-Twin motorcycles. Compatible with catalytic converters.

Motul 5100 10W50 oil is an ester based synthetic formulation. It has a special transmission additive for perfect protection of gear teeth. Viscosity provides great protection at high revs. For four stroke bikes of all capacities. Compatible with catalytic convertors.

Motul 5000 10W40 oil is a mineral based oil featuring a specific extreme pressure additive for the transmission. For recent four stroke road bikes subjected to normal daily use. Compatible with catalytic convertors.